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Pantanjali stated, steady practice over a long period of time without attachment to the results is the key to a calm, clear tranquil mind.

Class Descriptions

Beginner Yoga

This class is perfect for the new student. It will move at a slower pace and cover basic postures with an emphasis on alignment, pranayama breathing techniques and meditation. It is also perfect for those looking to get back into yoga or to reconnect with the basics.


Chair Yoga

Yoga can benefit anyone, regardless of age or ability. Chair yoga is a great way to practice relaxing breathing techniques and gentle stretching while comfortably seated in a chair. Some of the benefits of chair yoga are: increased strength, improved flexibility, better circulation, reduced stress and improved mental clarity. ~ No prior experience necessary

Gentle Yoga

Recommended for those who are looking for a slower, gentler practice. This class focuses on connecting mind, body and spirit with the breath to ease into warming up the body through stretching, strengthening and balancing poses culminating in a satisfying final relaxation period that will leave you feeling renewed.

Mindful Flow 

Join us as we warm up the body and find meditation in motion with the breath through asana practice. Props are encouraged to allow the body to fully achieve each pose comfortably. This is a great class for students looking for a perfectly paced experience, those who are new to yoga or those who need a change of pace, yet still have the option to delve deeper in their practice.


This class is designed for those with some yoga experience through intermediate level students who are interested in growing their practice. Vinyasa is a flow of poses linked with the breath to activate the 6 movements of the spine, energy centers and meridians of the body. Props and modifications will be offered.

Yoga with Light Weights

Enjoy this fun flow class that incorporates some optional work with light weights to help build bone density, strength and sculpt your body. Some Yoga experience is suggested.

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